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A litigation expense fund is created in the state treasury. The litigation expense fund shall be used for the payment of litigation expenses incurred by the state to defend property valuations established by the director of revenue pursuant to sectio...
No person shall operate or move any caterpillar tractor, steam shovel, derrick, roller, or any equipment or structure having a normal operating speed of six or less miles per hour or a vertical body or load clearance of less than nine inches above the...
Tagged topics: railroad crossingsrailroads
With respect to any lands title to which has been or may be granted by the state to any municipal corporation of the state, acting under special charter, sections 327F.4 and 327F.5 shall not, after the occurrence of such grant, continue to apply, ...
Tagged topics: railroadsrivers and streams
Lands which are sought to be condemned for water stations, dams, or reservoirs, including all the overflowed lands, if any, shall, if requested by the owner, be set aside in a square or rectangular shape by the department of transportation or district...
Tagged topics: damsrailroadswater
The driver of any vehicle approaching a railroad grade crossing across which traffic is regulated by a stop sign, a railroad sign directing traffic to stop, or an official traffic control signal displaying a flashing red or steady circular red colored...
Tagged topics: railroad crossingsrailroads
A city may by ordinance require a railway company operating railway tracks on or across a city street to construct or reconstruct, and maintain, an overpass or underpass to permit the street to pass over or under the tracks, and may establish specific...
Tagged topics: overpassesrailroadsunderpasses
Land taken for railway right-of-way, otherwise than by consent of the owner, shall not exceed one hundred feet in width unless greater width is necessary for excavation, embankment, or depositing waste earth.
Tagged topics: railroads
Owners of abandoned right-of-way which was originally condemned for rail purposes shall not receive additional compensation unless the track materials were removed prior to the second condemnation.
Tagged topics: railroads
As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires: “Board” means the Iowa utilities board. “Crossing” means the construction, operation, repair, or maintenance of a facility over, under, or across a railroad right-of-way by a publ...
Tagged topics: railroads
The department shall inspect the railroad track scales referred to in section 327D.127. The department may adopt rules establishing standards for the scales. The rules may include but are not limited to safety standards, accuracy and the style and c...
Tagged topics: railroads