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It is the public policy of this state to encourage the establishment or acquisition of urban mass transit systems and the equipment, maintenance, and operation thereof by public agencies in cooperation with, and with the assistance of the urban mass t...
Tagged topics: public transportation
The commissioner of public safety may appoint as special agent any person who is regularly employed by a common carrier by rail to protect the property of said common carrier, its patrons, and employees. Such special agents shall not receive any compe...
Tagged topics: railroads
The department shall inspect the railroad track scales referred to in section 327D.127. The department may adopt rules establishing standards for the scales. The rules may include but are not limited to safety standards, accuracy and the style and c...
Tagged topics: railroads
A city may require a railway company to provide necessary structures, temporary and permanent, to carry its tracks during and after construction of a diverted channel for flood control purposes, subject to the following: The city shall give notice to ...
Tagged topics: floodsrailroads
A city may by ordinance require a railway company operating railway tracks on or across a city street to construct or reconstruct, and maintain, an overpass or underpass to permit the street to pass over or under the tracks, and may establish specific...
Tagged topics: overpassesrailroadsunderpasses
All railway companies shall construct and repair all street improvements between the rails of their tracks, and one foot outside, at their own expense, unless by ordinance the railway is required to improve other portions of the street, and in that ca...
Tagged topics: highwaysrailroads
With respect to any lands title to which has been or may be granted by the state to any municipal corporation of the state, acting under special charter, sections 327F.4 and 327F.5 shall not, after the occurrence of such grant, continue to apply, ...
Tagged topics: railroadsrivers and streams
A litigation expense fund is created in the state treasury. The litigation expense fund shall be used for the payment of litigation expenses incurred by the state to defend property valuations established by the director of revenue pursuant to sectio...
Subject to this subchapter, a retailer’s permit may be issued by the department to any dining car company, sleeping car company, railroad or railway company. The permit shall authorize the holder to keep for sale, and sell, cigarettes at retail on a...
Tagged topics: railroads
Rules Implementing Statutes:
All noxious weeds on railroad lands, public lands and within incorporated cities shall be treated in such manner, approved by the board of supervisors, as shall prevent seed production and either destroy or prevent the spread of noxious weeds to adjoi...
Tagged topics: gravelpublic propertyrailroads