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The courthouse of each county shall remain open on election day.
Local authorities may by general rule, ordinance, or regulation exclude vehicles from any cemetery or ground used for the burial of the dead, or exclude vehicles used solely or principally for commercial purposes, from any park or part of a park syste...
Tagged topics: cemeteriesparks
Counties bounded by a body of water have concurrent jurisdiction over the entire body of water lying between them. In disposing of an interest in real property by sale or exchange, by lease for a term of more than three years, or by gift, the followin...
A county has jurisdiction over secondary roads as provided in section 306.4, subsection 2, section 306.4, subsection 5, paragraph “b”, and section 306.4, subsection 6, paragraph “b”. The board shall exercise the county’s jurisdiction over se...
A hospital established as a memorial hospital under chapter 37 or a county hospital supported by revenue bonds and organized under chapter 347A may become, in accordance with the provisions of this section, a county hospital organized and manage...
Tagged topics: memorial buildings
Civil townships are hereby authorized and empowered to receive by gift, devise, or bequest, money or property for the purpose of establishing and maintaining libraries, township halls, cemeteries, or for any other public purpose. All such gifts, devis...
Tagged topics: cemeteriesdonationslegacieslibraries
They shall, at the regular meeting in November, levy a tax sufficient to pay for any lands so condemned or purchased, or for the necessary improvement and maintenance of cemeteries thus established, and for the necessary improvement and the maintenanc...
Tagged topics: cemeteriesparkstax leviestaxation
The levy authorized in sections 359.30 and 359.33 may be extended to property within the limits of any city so far as same is situated within the township, unless such city is already maintaining a cemetery, or has levied a tax in support thereof....
Tagged topics: cemeteriesparkstax leviestaxation
All city-owned exterior flood lighting, including but not limited to street and security lighting but not including era or period lighting which has a minimum efficiency rating of fifty-eight lumens per watt and not including stadium or ball park ligh...
Tagged topics: energy uselightsparksstadiums
A city library board of trustees functioning on the effective date of the city code shall continue to function in the same manner until altered or discontinued as provided in this section. In order for the board to function in the same manner, the c...
Tagged topics: libraries