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If an individual fails to respond to the notice of potential license sanction provided pursuant to section 261.121 or the commission issues a written decision under section 261.124 which states that the individual is not in compliance, the commiss...
The name of a professional limited liability company, the name of a foreign professional limited liability company or its name as modified for use in this state, and any fictitious name or trade name adopted by a professional limited liability company...
Tagged topics: professions
A professional limited liability company shall not be required to register with or to obtain any license, registration, certificate, or other legal authorization from a regulating board in order to practice a profession. Except as provided in this se...
Tagged topics: professions
A chiropractic loan forgiveness program is established to be administered by the commission. A chiropractor is eligible for the program if the chiropractor is a resident of this state, is licensed to practice under chapter 151, and is engaged in the...
Tagged topics: chiropracticprofessions
The provisions of this article shall prevail over any inconsistent provisions of this chapter .
Tagged topics: professions
All managers of a professional limited liability company shall at all times be individuals who are licensed to practice a profession in this state or a lawful combination of professions pursuant to section 489.1102, which the limited liability compa...
Tagged topics: professions
A registered nurse and nurse educator loan forgiveness program is established to be administered by the commission. The program shall consist of loan forgiveness for eligible federally guaranteed loans for registered nurses and nurse educators who pra...
Tagged topics: nursingprofessions
A chiropractic graduate student forgivable loan program is established, to be administered by the college student aid commission for resident graduate students who are enrolled at Iowa chiropractic colleges and universities. A resident graduate studen...
Tagged topics: chiropracticprofessions
As used in this article, unless the context otherwise requires: “Employee” or “agent” does not include a clerk, stenographer, secretary, bookkeeper, technician, or other person who is not usually and ordinarily considered by custom and practice t...
Tagged topics: professions
This article does not apply to or interfere with the practice of any profession by or through any professional limited liability company organized after July 1, 1992, under any other law of this state or any other state or country, if the practice is...
Tagged topics: professions