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A claimant shall expressly waive any right to confidentiality relating to all income tax information obtainable through the department of revenue, including all information covered by sections 422.20 and 422.72. This waiver shall apply to informat...
Only one claimant per household per year shall be entitled to reimbursement under this division and only one claimant per household per fiscal year shall be entitled to a credit under this division .
If upon petition by a claimant the department of revenue determines that a landlord has increased the claimant’s rent primarily because the claimant is eligible for reimbursement under this division, the department of revenue shall request the landl...
A county board of supervisors or county zoning commission shall consider an elder group home a family home, as defined in section 335.25, for purposes of zoning, in accordance with section 231B.4, and may establish limitations regarding the proxim...
In addition to the homestead tax credit allowed under section 425.1, subsections 1 to 4, persons who own or rent their homesteads and who meet the qualifications provided in this division are eligible for an extraordinary property tax credit or re...
Section 423.39, subsection 1, shall apply to all notices under this division .
A low-income tax credit and reimbursement fund is created. If the amount appropriated for purposes of this section for a fiscal year is insufficient to pay all claims in full, the director shall pay, in full, all claims to be paid during the fiscal ...
A claim for reimbursement for rent constituting property taxes paid shall not be paid or allowed, unless the claim is filed with and in the possession of the department of revenue on or before June 1 of the year following the base year. A claim for cr...
A claim for credit shall be disallowed if the department finds that the claimant or a person of the claimant’s household received title to the homestead primarily for the purpose of receiving benefits under this division .
The amount of any claim for credit or reimbursement filed under this division shall be determined as provided in this section. The tentative credit or reimbursement for a claimant described in section 425.17, subsection 2, paragraph “a”, subpa...