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As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires: “Drugging” means administering to a horse or dog any substance foreign to the natural horse or dog prior to the start of a race. However, in counties with a population of two hundred f...
As used in this section unless the context otherwise requires: “Bleeder” means, according to its context, any of the following: A horse which, during a race or exercise, is observed by the commission veterinarian or a licensed practicing veterinari...
Tagged topics: furosemidephenylbutazone
The total outside width of a vehicle or the load on the vehicle shall not exceed eight feet six inches. This limitation on the total outside width of a vehicle or the load on the vehicle does not include safety equipment on a vehicle or incidental app...
Tagged topics: haystoverstrawweight and measurement
Vehicles or a combination of vehicles with divisible loads in excess of the width, length, or height requirements of chapter 321 may be moved on the highways of this state if the department or permit-issuing authority determines there is a special o...
Tagged topics: haystoverstraw
A landowner of land where livestock are kept or an owner of adjoining land shall be liable to erect or maintain a fence if the livestock trespasses upon the land of a neighboring landowner or strays from the land where the livestock are kept onto a pu...
Tagged topics: livestocktrespassing
In case adjoining owners or occupants of land shall use the same for pasturing sheep or swine, each shall keep that one’s share of the partition fence in such condition as shall restrain such sheep or swine.
Upon the application of either owner, after notice is given as prescribed in this chapter, the fence viewers shall determine all controversies arising under sections 359A.18 to 359A.21, inclusive, including the partition fences made sheep and swin...
A city may rescue, provide maintenance, or dispose of neglected livestock or another animal, as provided in chapters 717 and 717B .
Tagged topics: animalslivestock
A city council, or a county board of supervisors as authorized by section 427B.2, may, by ordinance as provided in section 427B.1, establish a partial exemption from property taxation of the actual value added to owner-operated cattle facilities, ...
For purposes of this subchapter, the following definitions apply: “Livestock” means beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, chickens, or turkeys. “Livestock operation” means any area in which livestock are kept in a confined space, including a confineme...