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A private employer may grant preference in hiring and promotion to an individual who is a veteran. A private employer may grant preference in hiring and promotion to the spouse of a veteran who has sustained a permanent, compensable service-connected ...
There shall be elected in each county at the general election to be held in the year 1976 and every four years thereafter, an auditor and a sheriff, each to hold office for a term of four years. There shall be elected in each county at the general ele...
Any person entitled to vote at an election in this state who does not have three consecutive hours in the period between the time of the opening and the time of the closing of the polls during which the person is not required to be present at work for...
Tagged topics: labor and employment
When a public officer or employee, other than a state officer or employee, is entitled to be paid for expenses in performing a public duty, a charge shall be made, allowed and paid for the use of an automobile, as determined by the local governing bod...
Tagged topics: mileage payments
Rules Implementing Statutes:
No law shall be construed to give to a public officer or employee both mileage and expenses for the same transaction.
Tagged topics: mileage payments
No public officer or employee shall be allowed either mileage or transportation expense when gratuitously transported by another, nor when transported by another public officer or employee who is entitled to mileage or transportation expense.
Tagged topics: mileage payments
It is the policy of this state that a state department, board, commission, or agency shall not discriminate in compensation for work of comparable worth between jobs held predominantly by women and jobs held predominantly by men. “Comparable worth” ...
Tagged topics: comparable worth
As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires: “Educational assistance” means reimbursement for tuition, fees, books or other expenses incurred by a state employee in taking coursework at an educational institution or attending a w...
Tagged topics: educationeducational leave
Administrative rules adopted by the director of the department of administrative services pursuant to this chapter shall not supersede provisions of collective bargaining agreements negotiated under chapter 20 .
Tagged topics: collective bargaining
A public employer shall offer health insurance to all permanent, full-time public employees employed by the public employer. A public employer may offer health insurance to any other public employees employed by the public employer. All costs of such ...
Tagged topics: health insurance