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The state commissioner of elections shall prescribe a notice to inform voters of the location on the ballot of the form for retaining or removing judicial officers and for ratifying or defeating proposed constitutional amendments. The notice shall be ...
Judicial hospitalization referees shall be utilized as provided in section 229.21 for performing the duties of the court prescribed by this subchapter .
Upon receipt of a warrant, scrip, or other evidence of the county’s indebtedness, the treasurer shall endorse on it the date of payment. Reserved. The treasurer shall enter into the county system the warrant number, date paid, and interest paid, if an...
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The board may provide that the county attorney is a full-time or part-time county officer in the manner provided in this section. A full-time county attorney shall refrain from the private practice of law. The board may provide, by resolution, that ...
Tagged topics: county attorneys
The office of county attorney is an elective office except that if a vacancy occurs in the office, a successor shall be elected or appointed to the unexpired term as provided in chapter 69. A person elected or appointed to the office of county attor...
Tagged topics: county attorneys
If two or more counties agree, pursuant to chapter 28E, to share the services of a county attorney, the county attorney shall be elected by a majority of the votes cast for the office of county attorney in all of the counties which the county attorn...
Tagged topics: county attorneys
A county attorney shall not: Accept a fee or reward from or on behalf of a person for services rendered in a prosecution or the conduct of official business. Engage directly or indirectly as an attorney or an agent for a party other than the state or ...
Tagged topics: county attorneys
In case of absence, sickness, or disability of the county attorney and the assistant county attorneys, the board of supervisors may appoint an attorney to act as county attorney. Upon application of the county attorney or the attorney general, the chi...
Tagged topics: county attorneys
The county attorney may employ, with the approval of a judge of the district court, a temporary assistant to assist in the trial of a person charged with a felony. The temporary assistant shall be paid a reasonable compensation as determined by the bo...
Tagged topics: county attorneys
The county attorney may: Administer oaths and take affirmations as provided in section 63A.2. Appoint and remove deputies, clerks and assistants subject to the requirements of sections 331.757 and 331.903 .
Tagged topics: county attorneys