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All deeds, mortgages, or other instruments in writing for the conveyance of lands which have been made and executed more than ten years earlier, and the officer taking the acknowledgment has not affixed the officer’s seal to the acknowledgment; the ac...
Tagged topics: acknowledgments
The state court administrator shall: Manage the judicial branch. Administer funds appropriated to the judicial branch. Authorize the filling of vacant court employee positions, review the qualifications of each person to be employed within the judicia...
Witnesses called by a standing or joint committee shall be entitled to the same compensation for attendance under section 2.23 as before the district court but shall not have the right to demand payment of their fees in advance.
Tagged topics: witnesses
The chief judge of each judicial district may appoint at least one judicial hospitalization referee for each county within the district. The judicial hospitalization referee shall be an attorney, licensed to practice law in this state, who shall be ch...
In all prosecutions under section 726.3, 726.5 or 726.6, the husband or wife is a competent witness for the state and may testify to relevant acts or communications between them.
Witnesses subpoenaed by the county attorney pursuant to rule of criminal procedure 2.5 shall receive the same fees and mileage as are allowed witnesses in the district court, and shall be paid in the same manner in which witnesses before the grand j...
Tagged topics: county attorneyswitnesses
When the reporter taking such notes in any case or proceeding in court has ceased to be the reporter of such court, any transcript by the reporter made therefrom and sworn to by the reporter before any person authorized to administer an oath as a full...
Upon the filing of an affidavit by a victim, or a parent or guardian on behalf of a minor who is a victim, of a crime that is a sexual offense in violation of section 709.2, 709.3, 709.4, 709.8, 709.9, 709.11, 709.12, 709.14, 709.15 ,...
Tagged topics: no-contact orders
If a defendant in a criminal cause has been granted discretionary review from an action of the district court and the appellate court deems a transcript or portions thereof are necessary to proper review of the question or questions raised, the distri...
For purposes of this chapter, chapters 13B, 229A, 232, 665, 812, 814, and 822, and section 811.1A, and the rules of criminal procedure, a person is indigent if the person is entitled to an attorney appointed by the court as follows: ...
Tagged topics: legal assistance