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The Iowa ethics and campaign disclosure board shall administer the provisions of sections 68A.601 through 68A.609 and shall promulgate all necessary rules in accordance with chapter 17A .
Tagged topics: checkoffsincome taxestaxation
The taxes imposed under this division, less the credits allowed under section 422.12, shall be reduced by a new jobs tax credit. An industry which has entered into an agreement under chapter 260E and which has increased its base employment level...
Tagged topics: income taxestax credits
Any nonresident whose Iowa income is not subject to section 422.16, subsection 1, in whole or in part, and who elects to be governed by section 422.16, subsection 12, to the extent that the nonresident pays the entire amount of tax properly estima...
Tagged topics: income taxes
Any candidate for a partisan public office, except as otherwise provided by section 68A.103, subsection 2, may receive campaign funds from the Iowa election campaign fund through the state central committee of the candidate’s political party. Howeve...
Tagged topics: checkoffsincome taxestaxation
If the director shall be of the opinion that any taxpayer required under this division to file a return has failed to file such a return or to include in a return filed, either intentionally or through error, items of taxable income, the director ma...
Tagged topics: income taxes
The money accumulated in the Iowa election campaign fund to the account of each political party in the state shall be remitted to the party on the first business day of each month by warrant of the director of the department of administrative services...
Tagged topics: checkoffsincome taxestaxation
Every person or corporation being a resident of or having a place of business in this state, including lessees or mortgagors of real or personal property, fiduciaries, employers and all officers and employees of the state or of any political subdivisi...
Tagged topics: income taxes
To receive workforce housing tax incentives pursuant to the program, a proposed housing project shall meet all of the following requirements: The project includes at least one of the following: Four or more single-family dwelling units, except for a p...
If the taxpayer submits an underpayment of the estimated tax, the taxpayer is subject to an underpayment penalty at the rate established under section 421.7 upon the amount of the underpayment for the period of the underpayment. The amount of the un...
Tagged topics: franchise taxesincome taxes
The taxes imposed under this division shall be reduced by a state tax credit for increasing research activities in this state. For individuals, the credit equals the sum of the following: Six and one-half percent of the excess of qualified research ...
Tagged topics: income taxestax credits