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The department of human services shall discontinue the Medicaid family planning network waiver effective July 1, 2017, and shall instead establish a state family planning services program. The state program shall replicate the eligibility requirements...
Tagged topics: family planning
The juvenile court may enter an ex parte order directing a peace officer or a juvenile court officer to take custody of a child before or after the filing of a petition under this chapter provided all of the following apply: The person responsible f...
Tagged topics: parental rightsparents
The compacting states to this interstate compact recognize that each state is responsible for the proper supervision or return of juveniles, delinquents, and status offenders who are on probation or parole and who have absconded, escaped, or run away ...
The department, within the limits of available funds, shall conduct a continuing publicity and educational program for the personnel of the department, persons required to report, and any other appropriate persons to encourage the fullest possible deg...
Tagged topics: child abuse
At any time after the petition is filed, any person who may file a petition under section 232.87 may apply for, or the court on its own motion may order, a hearing to determine whether the child should be temporarily removed from home. If the child ...
Tagged topics: parental rightsparents
When an estate is under obligation to convey property, the court may, upon application of any interested person, with or without notice as the court may direct, require the fiduciary to execute such a conveyance.
A person must comply with all of the following financial eligibility requirements to be eligible for services under the regional service system: The person must have an income equal to or less than one hundred fifty percent of the federal poverty leve...
No proceedings upon the bond of a fiduciary shall be brought subsequent to two years after the discharge of the fiduciary or six months after the discovery of fraud, whichever is later.
A parent or legal guardian of a family member may apply to the local office of the department for the family support subsidy program. The application shall include: A statement that the family resides in a county of this state. Verification that the f...
The court shall allow and fix from time to time the compensation for fiduciaries, other than personal representatives, and their attorneys for such services as they shall render as shown by an itemized claim or report made and filed setting forth what...