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If a city has established the grade of a street or alley, and any person has made improvements on lots abutting the street or alley according to the established grade, and afterward the grade is altered in a manner to damage, injure, or diminish the v...
Tagged topics: highways
Such district, when established, shall have the powers granted to drainage and levee districts, and all parties interested shall have the same rights so far as applicable.
Tagged topics: highways
The governor, in exercising the power conferred by sections 7.10 and 7.11, may designate one employee or officer of the state to supervise all persons designated as peace officers hereunder, and they shall be fully responsible to that employee or ...
A person, including a state agency or political subdivision of the state, who acquires a railroad right-of-way after July 1, 1979, for a purpose other than farming has all of the following responsibilities concerning that right-of-way: Construction, m...
Tagged topics: right-of-way
The department may establish or enter into agreements with private persons, firms, or corporations for the establishment of information centers in rest areas on the interstate, freeway primary, and primary highways, subject to the approval of the appr...
Tagged topics: advertisingbillboardsrest areassigns
A city may by ordinance require a railway company operating railway tracks on or across a city street to construct or reconstruct, and maintain, an overpass or underpass to permit the street to pass over or under the tracks, and may establish specific...
Tagged topics: overpassesrailroadsunderpasses
The board of supervisors of each affected county shall notify the city development board of the existence of that portion of any secondary road which extends to the center line but has not become part of the city by annexation and has a common boundar...
Tagged topics: highwayssecondary roads
When the roots of trees and hedges growing outside a highway obstruct the ditches or tile drains of any highway, the board of supervisors may acquire the right to destroy such trees in the manner provided for taking private property for public use. Or...
Tagged topics: highways
Effective January 1, 1993, the establishment of a county road pursuant to proceedings by a board of supervisors, in which the proceedings, plans, or plats were on file or recorded with the county auditor or county recorder prior to January 1, 1920, ar...
Tagged topics: highwayssecondary roads
The board shall appoint a competent engineer for the district. If the county engineer is appointed, the engineer shall serve without additional compensation. In no case shall the county engineer act as a member of the assessment commission in a draina...
Tagged topics: highways