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As a component of the federal funding received by the department as the administering agency for the special women, infants, and children supplemental food program, from the United States department of agriculture, food and consumer service, the depar...
As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires: “Conventional eggs” means eggs other than specialty eggs. “Eggs” means shell eggs that are graded as “AA”, “A”, or “B” purs uant to 7 C.F.R. pt. 56, subpt. A, and that are sold at ...
Tagged topics: eggsfood
Vinegar shall not be colored with coloring matter and distilled vinegar shall not have a brown color in imitation of cider vinegar.
Tagged topics: vinegar
In addition to the adulterations enumerated in section 190.3, candy shall be deemed to be adulterated if it contains terra alba, barytes, talc, paraffin, chrome yellow, or other mineral substance.
Tagged topics: candy
Where any approved artificial sweetening product such as saccharin or sulfamate is used by any person in the manufacture or sale of any article of food intended for human consumption, the container in which any such food or beverage is sold or offered...
Tagged topics: saccharinsulfamatesweeteners
Frozen desserts and the pasteurized dairy ingredients used in the manufacture thereof, shall comply with the following standards: ____________________________________________________________ Milk, cream, and fluid Temperature Storage at dairy ingredi...
Tagged topics: desserts
Notwithstanding any other labeling provision of the Code, frozen dessert of any kind or flavor may be dispensed and sold at retail in edible containers or as a part of any food preparation intended for consumption without further preparation, includin...
Tagged topics: desserts
Baking powder and distilled vinegar shall show on the label the name of each ingredient from which made. Distilled vinegar shall be marked as such; and cider vinegar which, having been in excess of the standard of acidity, has been reduced to the stan...
Tagged topics: baking powdervinegar
Imitation butter shall be sold only under the name of oleomargarine, and no person shall use in any way, in connection or association with the sale or exposure for sale or advertisement of any such product, the word “butter”, “creamery”, or “dairy”, o...
It is unlawful for any person to sell, offer or expose for sale, or falsely mark or tag, within the state any seed corn as hybrid unless it falls within the definition of hybrid in section 199.1 .
Tagged topics: corn