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Officers empowered to expend, or direct the expenditure of, public money of the state shall not make any contract for any purpose which contemplates an expenditure of such money in excess of that authorized by law. However, the state or an agency of t...
Tagged topics: coal
A contract for a public improvement or construction of a public building, including new construction or renovation of an existing public building, by the state, or an agency of the state, shall not be let without satisfying the following requirements:...
It shall be unlawful for any commission, board, county officer or other governing body of the state, or of any county, township, school district or city, to purchase or use any coal, except that mined or produced within the state by producers who are,...
Tagged topics: coal
Any contract entered into or carried out in whole or in part, in violation of the provisions of section 73.6, shall be void and the contract or any claim growing out of the sale, delivery, or use of the coal specified in the contract, shall be unenf...
Tagged topics: coal
The provisions of sections 73.6 and 73.9 shall not apply to municipally owned and operated public utilities.
Tagged topics: coal
The state building code commissioner shall adopt as a part of the state building code a requirement that new single-family or two-family residential construction shall comply with energy conservation requirements. The requirements adopted by the commi...
Tagged topics: energy use
When any of the commodities enumerated in this section shall be sold by the bushel or fractional part thereof, except when sold in a United States standard container or as provided in sections 210.11 and 210.12, the measure shall be determined b...
Fuel which is sold or is kept, offered, or exposed for sale as kerosene shall be labeled as kerosene. The label shall include the word “kerosene” and a designation as either “K1” or “K2”, and shall indicate that the kerosene is in compliance with the ...
Tagged topics: kerosene
A person shall not do any of the following: Sell motor fuel containing more than trace amounts of MTBE in this state. Store motor fuel containing more than trace amounts of MTBE in a motor fuel storage tank located in this state. As used in this sect...
All liquefied petroleum gas, including but not limited to propane, butane, and mixtures of them, shall be kept, offered, exposed for sale, or sold by the pound, metered cubic foot of vapor, defined as one cubic foot at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, or by the...
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