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The agency in control of a tract, parcel, or piece of land, or part thereof, which is unused right-of-way shall send by certified mail to the last known address of the present owner of adjacent land from which the tract, parcel, piece of land, or part...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
Damages allowed on account of the vacation of any highway and costs incident thereto, right-of-way or land purchased or condemned for or on account of any highway and costs incident thereto, and the funds received from the sale or rental of any highwa...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
Real estate occupied as a public road, and rights-of-way for established public levees and rights-of-way for established, open, public drainage improvements shall not be taxed. When land or rights in land are acquired in connection with or for public ...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
The commission may purchase or condemn lands for public parks. No contract for the purchase of such public parks shall be made to an amount in excess of funds appropriated therefor by the general assembly.
Tagged topics: eminent domain
All the provisions of the law relating to the condemnation of lands for public state purposes shall apply to the provisions hereof in and so far as applicable.
Tagged topics: eminent domain
No appeal from an award of damages shall delay the prosecution of the work when the amount of the award is tendered in writing to the claimant and such tender is kept good. An order to the auditor to issue warrants to claimants for damages shall const...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
If the damages as finally determined on appeal be, in the opinion of the board, excessive, the board may rescind its order establishing such change.
Tagged topics: eminent domain
The board shall proceed to a hearing on the objections or assessment of damages of any owner, mortgagee of record, and the actual occupant of such land if any of whom it has acquired jurisdiction, or if there be owners, mortgagee of record, and the ac...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
Any public agency participating in an agreement authorizing the joint exercise of governmental powers pursuant to this chapter may exercise its power of eminent domain to acquire interests in property, under provisions of law then in effect and appl...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
In the maintenance, relocation, establishment, or improvement of any road, including the extension of such road within cities, the agency having jurisdiction and control of such road shall have authority to purchase or to institute and maintain procee...
Tagged topics: eminent domain