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The affairs of each school corporation shall be conducted by a board of directors, the members of which in all community or independent school districts shall be chosen for a term of four years.
Tagged topics: elections and politics
If plan “three” is selected pursuant to section 331.206 or 331.207, the supervisor districts shall be drawn and supervisors shall be elected as provided in section 331.209, except the boundaries of supervisor districts shall follow voting precin...
There shall be elected in each extension district an extension council consisting of nine members. Each member of the extension council shall be a resident registered voter of the extension district.
Tagged topics: elections and politics
The secretary shall, as soon as practicable after January 1 of each odd-numbered year, prepare a report of the proceedings of the executive council for the two preceding calendar years. The report shall include a statement of: The official canvass of ...
Two years after the establishment of a district, a referendum for the termination of the district shall be held if ten percent of the eligible voters in the district so request. If the registered voters, by a majority of those voting, favor terminatio...
In its order for the election the board of supervisors shall direct the county auditor to cause notice of the election to be given by posting at least five copies of the notice in public places in the proposed district at least twenty days before the ...
A county entering into an agreement to establish a community cluster may limit the area of the county included in the community cluster to designated townships.
After the canvass of votes by the county board of supervisors, the county commissioner of elections shall notify the members of the central committee who have been elected of the time and place of holding the city convention, and shall deliver a certi...
The board shall hold its first meeting of each year on the first day in January which is not a Saturday, Sunday or holiday and shall hold all subsequent meetings of the year as scheduled by the board. All meetings of the board shall be scheduled and c...
If the petition is signed by a majority of the registered voters of the township residing without the corporate limits of the city, the board of supervisors shall divide the township into two townships, as petitioned; but, except for election purposes...
Tagged topics: elections and politics