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The provisions of chapter 141A do not apply to the entry of human immunodeficiency virus-related information by criminal or juvenile justice agencies, as defined in section 692.1, into the Iowa criminal justice information system or the national c...
Tagged topics: hiv/aids
If the results of an examination by a public, private, or hospital clinical laboratory of a specimen from a person in Iowa yield evidence of or are reactive for a reportable poisoning or a reportable illness from a toxic agent, including methemoglobin...
Tagged topics: methemoglobinemiapesticides
The cost of a medical examination of a victim for the purpose of gathering evidence and the cost of treatment of a victim for the purpose of preventing venereal disease shall be paid from the fund established in section 915.94 .
Tagged topics: hiv/aidssexual abuse
It is the intent of this section to assist in improving the quality of life of persons with a developmental disability or brain injury by integrating them into the mainstream of society by making available to them community residential opportunities...
As used in this section unless the context otherwise requires: “Bleeder” means, according to its context, any of the following: A horse which, during a race or exercise, is observed by the commission veterinarian or a licensed practicing veterinari...
Tagged topics: furosemidephenylbutazone
The county treasurer upon receiving application, accompanied by proper fee, for registration of a vehicle shall issue to the owner one registration plate for a motorcycle, motorized bicycle, autocycle, truck tractor, trailer, or semitrailer and two re...
Each newborn born in this state shall receive a critical congenital heart disease screening by pulse oximetry or other means as determined by rule, in conjunction with the metabolic screening required pursuant to section 136A.5. An attending health ...
For purposes of this section, unless the context otherwise requires: “Approved cancer clinical trial” means a scientific study of a new therapy for the treatment of cancer in human beings that meets the requirements set forth in subsection 3 and ...
Tagged topics: cancer
Notwithstanding the uniformity of treatment requirements of section 514C.6, a group policy, contract, or plan providing for third-party payment or prepayment of health, medical, and surgical coverage benefits issued by a carrier, as defined in sect...
Notwithstanding the uniformity of treatment requirements of section 514C.6, a contract, policy, or plan providing for third-party payment or prepayment of health or medical expenses that provides coverage benefits for any vaccination or immunization...
Tagged topics: human papilloma virus