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The provisions of chapter 141A do not apply to the entry of human immunodeficiency virus-related information by criminal or juvenile justice agencies, as defined in section 692.1, into the Iowa criminal justice information system or the national c...
Tagged topics: hiv/aids
As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires: “Drugging” means administering to a horse or dog any substance foreign to the natural horse or dog prior to the start of a race. However, in counties with a population of two hundred f...
As used in this section unless the context otherwise requires: “Bleeder” means, according to its context, any of the following: A horse which, during a race or exercise, is observed by the commission veterinarian or a licensed practicing veterinari...
Tagged topics: furosemidephenylbutazone
If sufficient funds are appropriated by the general assembly, the department shall establish and administer a viral hepatitis program. The goal of the program shall be to distribute information to citizens of this state who are at an increased risk fo...
Tagged topics: hepatitisimmunizations
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The department shall regularly analyze Iowa’s population by county and age to determine the existing service utilization and future service needs of persons with Alzheimer’s disease and similar forms of irreversible dementia. The analysis shall also a...
Tagged topics: alzheimer's diseasedementia
A nationally certified comprehensive stroke center or a nationally certified primary stroke center operating in the state shall report to the statewide stroke database data consistent with nationally recognized guidelines on the treatment of individua...
Tagged topics: stroke
Rules Implementing Statutes:
A hospital licensed under this chapter that provides pediatric congenital heart surgery shall do all of the following: Participate in a qualified clinical data registry for thoracic surgery by providing all pediatric congenital heart surgery data re...
Tagged topics: congenital disordershearts
Each newborn born in this state shall receive a critical congenital heart disease screening by pulse oximetry or other means as determined by rule, in conjunction with the metabolic screening required pursuant to section 136A.5. An attending health ...
A parent or legal guardian shall assure that the person’s minor children residing in the state are adequately immunized against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, rubeola, rubella, and varicella, according to recommendations provided by th...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
If the results of an examination by a public, private, or hospital clinical laboratory of a specimen from a person in Iowa yield evidence of or are reactive for a reportable poisoning or a reportable illness from a toxic agent, including methemoglobin...
Tagged topics: methemoglobinemiapesticides
Rules Implementing Statutes: