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It is the responsibility of the commissioner to designate a polling place for each precinct in the county. Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, for city and school elections the commissioner shall, whenever practicable, designate poll...
Tagged topics: disabilities
Rules Implementing Statutes:
At, or before, the opening of the polls, the election board of each precinct shall select two members of the board, of different political parties in the case of any election in which candidates appear on the ballot under the heading of either of the ...
Tagged topics: disabilities
Any voter who may declare upon oath that the voter is blind, cannot read the English language, or is, by reason of any physical disability other than intoxication, unable to cast a vote without assistance, shall, upon request, be assisted by the two o...
Tagged topics: disabilities
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The precinct election officials shall mark upon the election register the name of any elector who received such assistance in casting the elector’s vote.
Tagged topics: disabilities
Rules Implementing Statutes:
As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires: “Adult” means a person who is eighteen years of age or older. “Primary and family social security” shall not include social security benefi ts awarded to an adult child with a disabi...
Tagged topics: disabilities
The state, board of regents institutions, counties, townships, school districts, community colleges, cities, and other public entities, and every person acting as contracting agent for any such entity, shall, when issuing bonds or other obligations, m...
The department of workforce development shall implement and administer a new employment opportunity program to assist individuals in underutilized segments of Iowa’s workforce, including but not limited to the persons with physical or mental disabilit...
Tagged topics: disabilities
The parent or guardian of a child to be enrolled in a public or accredited nonpublic elementary school shall ensure that the child is screened for vision impairment at least once before enrollment in kindergarten and again before enrollment in grade t...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
For the purposes of this section, unless the context otherwise requires: “Birth center” means birth center as defined in section 135.61. “Birthing hospital” means a private or public hospital licensed pursuant to chapter 135B that has a licen...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Beginning January 1, 2004, a birthing hospital as defined in section 135.131 shall comply with section 135.131 relating to universal newborn and infant hearing screening.