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A person must comply with all of the following financial eligibility requirements to be eligible for services under the regional service system: The person must have an income equal to or less than one hundred fifty percent of the federal poverty leve...
A claimant shall expressly waive any right to confidentiality relating to all income tax information obtainable through the department of revenue, including all information covered by sections 422.20 and 422.72. This waiver shall apply to informat...
It is the responsibility of the commissioner to designate a polling place for each precinct in the county. Each polling place designated shall be accessible to persons with disabilities. However, if the commissioner is unable to provide an accessible ...
Tagged topics: disabilities
Only one claimant per household per year shall be entitled to reimbursement under this division and only one claimant per household per fiscal year shall be entitled to a credit under this division .
If upon petition by a claimant the department of revenue determines that a landlord has increased the claimant’s rent primarily because the claimant is eligible for reimbursement under this division, the department of revenue shall request the landl...
At, or before, the opening of the polls, the election board of each precinct shall select two members of the board, of different political parties in the case of any election in which candidates appear on the ballot under the heading of either of the ...
Tagged topics: disabilities
The precinct election officials shall mark upon the election register the name of any elector who received such assistance in casting the elector’s vote.
Tagged topics: disabilities
Local access to mental health and disability services for adults shall be provided either by counties organized into a regional service system or by individual counties that are exempted as provided by this subsection. The department of human servic...
The counties comprising a mental health and disability services region shall enter into an agreement under chapter 28E to form a regional administrator under the control of a governing board to function on behalf of those counties. The governing boa...
It is the intent of this section to assist in improving the quality of life of persons with a developmental disability or brain injury by integrating them into the mainstream of society by making available to them community residential opportunities...