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The office of Native American affairs is established and shall do the following: Serve as the central permanent agency to advocate for Native Americans. Coordinate and cooperate with the efforts of state departments and agencies to serve the needs of ...
If a school district or nonpublic school does not provide an interscholastic activity for its students, the board of directors of that school district or the authorities in charge of the nonpublic school may complete an agreement with another school d...
Tagged topics: athletics
The fire marshal shall adopt, and may amend rules under chapter 17A, which include standards relating to exits and exit lights, fire escapes, fire protection, fire safety and the elimination of fire hazards, in and for churches, schools, hotels, the...
Sections 725.5 through 725.10 and 725.12 do not apply to a game, activity, ticket, or device when lawfully possessed, used, conducted, or participated in pursuant to chapter 99B, 99F, or 99G .
Tagged topics: gambling
Notwithstanding anything contained in this chapter and chapters 492 and 502, a corporation organized under the laws of the state of Iowa having assets of the value of one million dollars or more, the articles of which provide that an individual ...
Tagged topics: amana colonies
A person shall not dispense or adapt an ophthalmic spectacle lens or lenses without first receiving authorization to do so by a written, electronic, or facsimile prescription from a person licensed under chapter 148 or 154. For the purpose of thi...
Tagged topics: eye careeyeslensesvision
The department shall place and maintain such traffic-control devices, conforming to its manual and specifications, upon all primary highways as it deems necessary to indicate and to carry out the provisions of this chapter or to regulate, warn, or g...
Tagged topics: lightssignalssignstraffic control
A person who willfully and intentionally, without lawful authority, attempts to or in fact alters, defaces, injures, knocks down, or removes an official traffic-control device, an authorized warning sign or signal or barricade, whether temporary or pe...
Tagged topics: lightssignalssignstraffic control
The commission shall have the following powers and duties: Study the opportunities for and changing needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander persons in this state. Serve as liaison between the office and the public, sharing information and gathering c...
Disinterment of a dead body or fetus shall be allowed for the purpose of autopsy or reburial only, and then only if accomplished by a funeral director. A permit for such disinterment and, thereafter, reinterment shall be issued by the state registrar ...