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Members of boards of directors of community and independent school districts, and boards of directors of merged areas shall be elected at the school election. Their terms of office shall be four years, except as otherwise provided by section 260C.11 ...
At least twice during each school year, the board of directors of each school district operating a high school and the authorities in charge of each accredited nonpublic school shall offer the opportunity to register to vote to each student who is at ...
An individual employed by a college or university, or by a private security business holding a contract with a college or university, who performs private security duties on a college or university campus and who carries a weapon while performing thes...
The fire marshal shall adopt, and may amend rules under chapter 17A, which include standards relating to exits and exit lights, fire escapes, fire protection, fire safety and the elimination of fire hazards, in and for churches, schools, hotels, the...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
A dean of a college or university which provides instruction or training in a profession shall supply information or data related to the college or university upon request of a board.
The dean of the veterinary college of the Iowa state university of science and technology is authorized to use the equipment and facilities of the college in assisting the department in carrying out the provisions of this chapter .
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An interest for Iowa schools fund is established in the office of treasurer of state. The department of administrative services shall deposit interest earned on the permanent school fund in the interest for Iowa schools fund. The treasurer shall trans...
In order to promote communication and cooperation among cities, counties, and community colleges with respect to the allocation and division of taxes, no jobs training projects as defined in chapter 260E shall be undertaken within the area of operati...
A rural Iowa primary care loan repayment program is established to be administered by the college student aid commission for purposes of providing loan repayments for medical students who agree to practice as physicians in service commitment areas for...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The board of regents shall establish a center for agricultural health and safety at the university of Iowa. The center shall be a joint venture by the university of Iowa and Iowa state university of science and technology. The center shall establish f...