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A state agency or department shall not propose or adopt an administrative rule which exceeds its statutory authority by mandating expenditures by political subdivisions, or agencies and entities which contract with political subdivisions to provide se...
Tagged topics: administrative rules
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Two or more counties may execute an agreement under this chapter to create a joint county indigent defense fund to be used to compensate attorneys appointed to represent indigents. In addition to other requirements of an agreement under this chapte...
Tagged topics: indigent defense
Any public agency participating in an agreement authorizing the joint exercise of governmental powers pursuant to this chapter may exercise its power of eminent domain to acquire interests in property, under provisions of law then in effect and appl...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
As used in this section, “hydroelectric utility” means an entity comprised of any number of public agencies or entities created to carry out an agreement authorizing the joint exercise of any of the governmental powers enumerated in section 28F.1...
Tagged topics: eminent domain
Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, an agency created by a power of attorney in writing given by a principal who is at the time of execution, or who after executing such power of attorney becomes a member of the national guard or the armed...
Tagged topics: power of attorney
An affidavit, executed by an attorney in fact or agent, setting forth that the attorney or agent has not or had not, at the time of doing any act pursuant to the power of attorney, received actual knowledge or actual notice of the revocation or termin...
Tagged topics: power of attorney
Sections 29A.74 and 29A.75 of this chapter shall not operate to alter, invalidate, or in any manner affect any express provision for revocation or termination contained in any power of attorney.
Tagged topics: power of attorney
There shall be elected in each county at the general election to be held in the year 1976 and every four years thereafter, an auditor and a sheriff, each to hold office for a term of four years. There shall be elected in each county at the general ele...
A person shall not be civilly liable as a result of acts, omissions, or decisions made in connection with the person’s service on a peer review committee. However, such immunity from civil liability shall not apply if an act, omission, or decision is ...
Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, in an action for damages for personal injury against a physician and surgeon, osteopathic physician and surgeon, dentist, podiatric physician, optometrist, pharmacist, chiropractor, or nurse licensed to ...