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The times at which officers of cities shall be elected and their terms of office shall be as provided by or established pursuant to sections 376.1 and 376.2 .
This chapter shall, so far as applicable, govern the nominations of candidates by political parties for all offices to be filled by a direct vote of the people in cities acting under a special charter in 1973 and having a population of over fifty tho...
In special charter cities holding a city primary election under the provisions of section 43.112 such primary shall be held on the first Tuesday in October of the year in which regular city elections are held.
All candidates for nominations to be made in primary elections held pursuant to section 43.112 shall file nomination papers with the city clerk no later than 5:00 p.m. forty days before the date of the election as established by section 43.114, ex...
A vacancy on the ballot for an election at which city officers are to be chosen, and for which candidates have been nominated under this chapter, exists when any political party lacks a candidate for an office to be filled at that election because: ...
A plurality shall nominate the party candidate for all offices filled by elections authorized by section 43.112, and a plurality shall elect the precinct committee members.
The entire expense of conducting the city primary election and preparation of election registers shall be audited by the city council and paid by the city.
Within thirty days of an elective public officer swearing to an oath of office, the governmental entity the officer serves shall provide the officer with designated contact information with the governmental entity. A governmental entity that maintains...
Any hospital organized and existing as a city hospital may become a county hospital organized and managed as provided for in this chapter, upon a proposition for such purpose being submitted to and approved by a majority of the electors of both the ...
Tagged topics: city government
Notwithstanding section 364.2, subsection 4, paragraph “a”, for the purposes of obtaining or qualifying for federal funding, a city may grant a franchise to a rural water district incorporated under this chapter or chapter 504, for a term of n...
Tagged topics: city governmentfranchises