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A person shall not knowingly engage in the sale of duplicate Medicare supplement insurance coverage, as defined by rule of the commissioner. The commissioner of insurance shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A which define the sale of duplicate M...
The Iowa ethics and campaign disclosure board shall administer the provisions of sections 68A.601 through 68A.609 and shall promulgate all necessary rules in accordance with chapter 17A .
Tagged topics: checkoffsincome taxestaxation
As used in divisions III to V of this chapter, the use of the conjunctive “and” includes the disjunctive “or” and the use of the disjunctive “or” includes the conjunctive “and”, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
Unless a document of title was originally issued upon delivery of the goods by a person that did not have power to dispose of them, a lien does not attach by virtue of any judicial process to goods in the possession of a bailee for which a negotiable ...
If an individual fails to respond to the notice of potential license sanction provided pursuant to section 261.121 or the commission issues a written decision under section 261.124 which states that the individual is not in compliance, the commiss...
An endorsement limiting payment to a particular person or otherwise prohibiting further transfer or negotiation of the instrument is not effective to prevent further transfer or negotiation of the instrument. An endorsement stating a condition to the ...
The board of cosmetology arts and sciences created pursuant to chapter 147 shall require as a condition of license renewal a minimum of six hours of continuing education in the two years immediately prior to a licensee’s license renewal. The board...
Tagged topics: barberingcosmetology
The person to whom an instrument is initially payable is determined by the intent of the person, whether or not authorized, signing as, or in the name or behalf of, the issuer of the instrument. The instrument is payable to the person intended by the ...
This subchapter may be cited as the “Iowa Targeted Small Business Procurement Act”. As used in this subchapter, unless the context requires otherwise, “small business” and “targeted small business” mean as defined in section 15.102 .
The state board of regents shall request bids and proposals for materials, products, supplies, provisions, and other needed articles to be purchased at public expense, from Iowa state industries as defined in section 904.802, subsection 2, when the ...