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A resident fishing for paddlefish on the Missouri or Big Sioux river who is required to have a fishing license must purchase a paddlefish fishing license, in addition to a resident fishing license. A nonresident fishing for paddlefish on the Missouri ...
Tagged topics: paddlefish
All vehicles, including animal-drawn vehicles and including those referred to in section 321.383 not hereinbefore specifically required to be equipped with lamps, shall at the times specified in section 321.384 be equipped with at least one lighte...
The provisions of this subchapter shall not apply to 4-H or future farmers of America organizations engaged in breeding programs.
If moneys are not sufficient to support the livestock remediation fund as provided in chapter 459, subchapter V, the executive council may authorize as an expense paid from the appropriations addressed in section 7D.29 the payment of an amount to ...
Tagged topics: livestock
The department of agriculture and land stewardship may refuse to issue or renew and may suspend or revoke a license issued under this subchapter for any violation of the provisions of this subchapter or rules adopted relating to the leasing of a b...
Tagged topics: bovine animals
The general assembly finds that important public interests are advanced by preserving and encouraging the expansion of responsible animal agricultural production in this state which provides employment opportunities in and economic growth for rural Io...
“Livestock dealer, livestock market operator, or stockyard operator” means any person engaged in the business of buying for resale, or selling, or exchanging swine as a principal or agent, or one who claims to be so engaged, but does not include the ...
Iowa state university of science and technology shall prepare and submit reports as follows: The university shall submit an interim report to the general assembly each year on or before January 15, through January 15, 2013. The interim report shall do...
Vehicles or a combination of vehicles with divisible loads in excess of the width, length, or height requirements of chapter 321 may be moved on the highways of this state if the department or permit-issuing authority determines there is a special o...
Tagged topics: haystoverstraw
It is unlawful to use commercial gear in the taking of commercial fish, turtles, and mussels from the waters of the state, except as otherwise provided by statute or administrative rules of the commission.
Tagged topics: mussels