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Where any approved artificial sweetening product such as saccharin or sulfamate is used by any person in the manufacture or sale of any article of food intended for human consumption, the container in which any such food or beverage is sold or offered...
Tagged topics: saccharinsulfamatesweeteners
A person shall not offer for sale, sell, purchase, apply, or use chlordane in this state. The department, working in conjunction with the department of natural resources, shall identify existing stocks of chlordane, shall formulate recommendations for...
Tagged topics: chlordane
Except as expressly provided in this division, compliance with this division shall not exempt a person from compliance with any other law.
Tagged topics: mercurymotor vehiclesrecycling
The agreement with the federal government contemplated in section 468.201 may be entered into by the board in advance of the filing of the plan, such agreement to be effective if the plan is finally adopted. If the plan is approved the board shall m...
Tagged topics: floods
In addition to the other programs authorized pursuant to this subchapter, the authority is authorized to provide any type of economic assistance directly or indirectly to agricultural producers, and may develop and implement programs including but n...
Notwithstanding section 309.66, after notice as provided in section 331.305 and a public hearing, the board of supervisors may sell all or part of the property acquired for gravel and other highway improvement materials if the property has been ow...
Tagged topics: gravel
Third-party payment provider contracts or policies delivered, issued for delivery, continued, or renewed in this state on or after January 1, 2006, that provide reimbursement for immunizations shall provide reimbursement for immunizations containing n...
Tagged topics: immunizationsmercury
A motor vehicle purchased or used by a county to provide county services shall not operate on gasoline other than ethanol blended gasoline as defined in section 214A.1. The motor vehicle shall also be affixed with a brightly visible sticker which no...
Except for species listed as threatened or endangered under chapter 481B, a licensed bait dealer may take sufficient bait from lakes and streams of this state that are not closed to the taking of bait, to supply the licensee’s customers for hook and...
Tagged topics: aquaculture
It shall be unlawful for any person to manufacture, procure, or keep for the purpose of sale, offer or expose for sale, or sell bread in the form of loaves which are not of one of the weights specified in section 210.19 or violate the rules of the s...
Tagged topics: bread