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When any city has voted at an election to purchase, establish, erect, maintain and operate heating plants, waterworks, gasworks or electric light or power plants, or when it has voted to contract an indebtedness and issue bonds for such purposes, and ...
Tagged topics: utilities
An energy crisis fund is created in the state treasury. Moneys deposited in the fund shall be used to assist low-income families who qualify for the low-income home energy assistance program to avoid loss of essential heating. The fund may receive mon...
The general assembly finds that provision of assistance to prevent utility disconnections will also prevent the development of public health risks due to such disconnections. The division shall establish an energy utility assessment and resolution pro...
The state historic preservation officer shall only recommend that a rural electric cooperative or a municipal utility constructing electric distribution and transmission facilities for which it is receiving federal funding conduct an archeological sit...
Cost of relocation or removal shall include the entire amount paid by such utility properly attributable to such relocation or removal except the cost of land or any rights or interest in land, after deducting therefrom any increase in the value of th...
Tagged topics: utilities
Whenever the state department of transportation, city or county determines that relocation or removal of any utility facility now located in, over, along, or under any highway or street, is necessitated by the construction of a project on routes of th...
Tagged topics: utilities
A reimbursement shall not be made for any relocation or removal of facilities under this chapter unless funds to be provided by federal aid amount to at least eighty-five percent of each reimbursement payment.
Tagged topics: utilities
The term “utility” shall include all privately, publicly, municipally or cooperatively owned systems for supplying water, sewer, electric lights, street lights and traffic lights, gas, power, telegraph, telephone, transit, pipeline, heating plants, ...
Tagged topics: utilities
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Telephone, telegraph, electric transmission and pipe lines may be permitted to use any highway bridge on or across a state line on such terms and conditions as the agency or officials jointly constructing, maintaining or operating such bridge may join...
It is the policy of this state to encourage the development of alternate energy production facilities and small hydro facilities in order to conserve our finite and expensive energy resources and to provide for their most efficient use.