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A beginning teacher mentoring and induction program is created to promote excellence in teaching, enhance student achievement, build a supportive environment within school districts and area education agencies, increase the retention of promising begi...
Tagged topics: beginning teachers
The board of regents shall establish a program to recruit minority educators to faculty positions in the universities under the board’s control. The program shall include but is not limited to the creation of faculty positions in all areas of academic...
The department shall establish a fine arts beginning teacher mentoring program under a contract with an Iowa-based nonprofit organization that is exempt from federal income taxation pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; has mem...
Tagged topics: artsbeginning teachersdramamusictheater
A teacher shortage forgivable loan program is established to be administered by the college student aid commission. An individual is eligible for the forgivable loan program if the individual is a resident of this state who is enrolled as a sophomore,...
Tagged topics: professionsteachers
A teach Iowa scholar program is established to provide teach Iowa scholar grants to selected high-caliber teachers. An Iowa resident or nonresident applicant shall be eligible for a teach Iowa scholar grant if the applicant meets all of the criteria ...
Tagged topics: teachers
A teacher shortage loan forgiveness program is established to be administered by the commission. A teacher is eligible for the program if the teacher is practicing in a teacher shortage area as designated by the department pursuant to subsection 2. ...
Tagged topics: professionsteachers
Moneys appropriated by the general assembly to the department for community college instructor salaries shall be distributed among each community college based on the proportion that the number of full-time equivalent instructors employed by a communi...
Tagged topics: salaries and wagesteachers
The contract for instruction under section 262.30 shall authorize the payment for services furnished to the school district, or for services furnished to the state, and the amount to be agreed upon by the state board of regents and the board of the ...
Tagged topics: school districtsteachers
A contract for instruction under section 262.30 shall be in writing and shall extend over a period of not to exceed two years. A copy of the contract shall be filed in the office of the administrator of the area education agency.
Tagged topics: school districtsteachers
A cooperating teacher incentive program is established to encourage experienced teachers to serve as cooperating teachers for student teachers enrolled in the institutions of higher education under the control of the board. An individual who submits e...
Tagged topics: studentsteachers