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A person shall not permit, erect, use, or maintain a structure, dam, obstruction, deposit, or excavation in or on a floodway or floodplains, which will adversely affect the efficiency of or unduly restrict the capacity of the floodway, or adversely af...
Tagged topics: damsfloods
Rules Implementing Statutes:
A permit shall be required for the following: Except for a nonregulated use, a person diverting, storing or withdrawing water from any surface or groundwater source. A person who diverts water or any material from the surface directly into an undergro...
Tagged topics: floods
Rules Implementing Statutes:
As used in this part of subchapter III, unless the context otherwise requires: “Aquifer” means a water-bearing geologic formation which is capable of yielding a usable quantity of water to a well or spring and which transports and stores groundwate...
Tagged topics: floods
Rules Implementing Statutes:
In cases of farm leases involving the rental of farmlands of forty acres or more, where the tenant has defaulted in the payment of the rent and suit has been commenced aided by landlord’s attachment for the enforcement of the landlord’s lien, the defe...
Tagged topics: cropsdisastersfarmingfloodshailpestsweather
The director may issue any order necessary to secure compliance with or prevent a violation of this part or the rules adopted pursuant to this part. The order may be appealed to the commission by filing a notice of appeal with the director. The ap...
Tagged topics: floods
The right of the permittee and the permittee’s successors to the use of water shall terminate when the permittee or the permittee’s successors fail for three consecutive years to use it for the specific beneficial purpose authorized in the permit and,...
Tagged topics: floods
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Whenever a majority of the directors of any school district affected as in section 274.39 have moved from such district and have ceased to be residents thereof thereby creating vacancies on the school board and reducing it to less than a quorum, the...
If the board, after consideration of the subject matter, including all objections filed to the adoption of the plan and all claims for damages, shall find that the district will be benefited by adoption of the plan or the purposes for which the distri...
Tagged topics: floods
The commission may establish and enforce rules for the orderly development and wise use of the floodplains of any river or stream within the state and alter, change, or revoke the rules. The commission shall determine the characteristics of floods whi...
Tagged topics: floods
It is recognized that the protection of life and property from floods, the prevention of damage to lands from floods, and the orderly development, wise use, protection, and conservation of the water resources of the state by their considered and prope...
Tagged topics: floods
Rules Implementing Statutes: