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A vehicle operated by a regional transit system as defined in section 324A.1 may only provide school transportation services pursuant to rules adopted by the state department of transportation in consultation with the department of education.
Tagged topics: busesschool busesschools
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Every person, firm, association, or corporation maintaining or conducting in Iowa any educational course by classroom instruction or by correspondence or by other delivery method, or soliciting in Iowa the sale of such course, shall file with the coll...
The parent or guardian of a child to be enrolled in a public or accredited nonpublic elementary school shall ensure that the child is screened for vision impairment at least once before enrollment in kindergarten and again before enrollment in grade t...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Subject to an appropriation of funds by the general assembly for this purpose, the area education agencies may offer, separately or in collaboration with other area education agencies, or in partnership with school districts and accredited nonpublic s...
Tagged topics: distance education
Notwithstanding the uniformity of treatment requirements of section 514C.6, a policy, contract, or plan providing for third-party payment or prepayment of health or medical expenses shall not deny coverage or payment for behavioral health services, ...
Tagged topics: mental healthschools
A school board, individual, or organization shall not purchase, construct, or contract for use, to transport pupils to or from school, any school bus which does not comply with the minimum requirements of section 321.373 and any individual, or any m...
Tagged topics: busesschool busesschools
It shall be the duty of all peace officers and of the state patrol to enforce the provisions of sections 321.372 through 321.379 .
Tagged topics: busesschool busesschools
No vehicle shall be put into service as a school bus until it is given an original inspection to determine if it meets all legal and established uniform standards of construction for the protection of the health and safety of children to be transporte...
Tagged topics: busesschool busesschools
A school district providing educational instruction and course content delivered primarily over the internet shall do all of the following with regard to such instruction and content: Monitor and verify full-time student enrollment, timely completion ...
Tagged topics: distance education
As used in this section: “Adult providing training or instruction” means an adult who is not a school employee who provides paid training or instruction to a minor outside of a school setting. For purposes of this paragraph, “adult” is a person a...