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A member of the general assembly shall not be held for slander or libel in any court for words used in any speech or debate in either house or at any session of a standing committee.
An address confidentiality program revolving fund is created in the state treasury. The fund shall consist of moneys collected by the clerk of the district court for deposit in the fund pursuant to section 602.8108, subsection 6, and transfers of in...
The court may exercise jurisdiction over adoption and termination of parental rights proceedings under chapters 600 and 600A .
Tagged topics: adoptionsparental rights
A peace officer or juvenile court officer may take a child into custody, a physician treating a child may keep the child in custody, or a juvenile court officer may authorize a peace officer, physician, or medical security personnel to take a child in...
Tagged topics: parental rightsparents
The juvenile court may enter an ex parte order directing a peace officer or a juvenile court officer to take custody of a child before or after the filing of a petition under this chapter provided all of the following apply: The person responsible f...
Tagged topics: parental rightsparents
If a peace officer determines that a child does not have adult supervision because the child’s parent, guardian, or other person responsible for the care of the child has been arrested and detained or has been unexpectedly incapacitated, and that no a...
Tagged topics: parental rightsparents
Any person having knowledge of the circumstances may file a complaint with the person or agency designated by the court to perform intake duties alleging that a child is a child in need of assistance. Upon receipt of a complaint, the court may request...
Tagged topics: parental rightsparents
Notwithstanding section 561.15, if it is alleged by a person authorized to file a petition under section 232.87, subsection 2, or by the court on its own motion, that a parent, guardian, custodian, or an adult member of the household in which a ch...
Tagged topics: parental rightsparents
A complaint related to circumstances involving a child who is alleged to be a victim of an offense defined in chapter 709, 726, or 728 and an alleged offender who is not a person responsible for the care of the child shall be handled pursuant to...
Tagged topics: parental rightsparents
For the purposes of this section, unless the context otherwise requires, “agency” means the department, juvenile court services, or a private agency. Within thirty days after the entry of an order under this chapter transferring custody of a chi...
Tagged topics: parental rightsparentsrelatives