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The department may deny, suspend, or revoke a registration issued pursuant to section 99B.53 or 99B.56, if the department finds that an applicant, registrant, or an agent of a registrant violated or permitted a violation of a provision of sectio...
Tagged topics: amusement devices
With respect to any lands title to which has been or may be granted by the state to any municipal corporation of the state, acting under special charter, sections 327F.4 and 327F.5 shall not, after the occurrence of such grant, continue to apply, ...
Tagged topics: railroadsrivers and streams
As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires: For purposes of this section only, “bluffland” means a cliff, headland, or hill with a broad, steep face along the channel or floodplain of the Missouri or Mississippi river and the...
A bicycle shall not be equipped with and a person shall not use upon a bicycle any siren or whistle. This section shall not apply to bicycles ridden by peace officers in the line of duty.
The department may perform acts as necessary to conduct an establishment of cooperative outdoor recreational and watershed projects as defined by the Congress of the United States and by regulations of the appropriate federal agency and may accept fed...
Tagged topics: recreationwatersheds
The department shall establish and administer a film office. The purpose of the film office is to assist legitimate film, television, and video producers in the production of film, television, and video projects in the state and to increase the fiscal...
If any person makes or aids in making or establishing, or advertises or makes public a scheme for a lottery; or advertises, offers for sale, sells, distributes, negotiates, disposes of, purchases, or receives a ticket or part of a ticket in a lottery ...
Tagged topics: gamblinglotteries
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The authority shall assist the department of natural resources in promoting the state parks, state recreation areas, lakes, rivers, and streams under the jurisdiction of the natural resource commission for tourism purposes. The department of natural r...
Tagged topics: tourismwelcome centers
Property, whether real or personal, offered as a stake, or any moneys, property, or other thing of value staked, paid, bet, wagered, laid, or deposited in connection with or as a part of any game of chance, lottery, gambling scheme or device, gift ent...
Tagged topics: gambling
A special olympics fund is created in the office of the treasurer of state under the control of the department of management. There is appropriated annually from the general fund of the state to the special olympics fund one hundred thousand dollars f...