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With respect to any lands title to which has been or may be granted by the state to any municipal corporation of the state, acting under special charter, sections 327F.4 and 327F.5 shall not, after the occurrence of such grant, continue to apply, ...
Tagged topics: railroadsrivers and streams
A vehicle operated by a regional transit system as defined in section 324A.1 may only provide school transportation services pursuant to rules adopted by the state department of transportation in consultation with the department of education.
Tagged topics: busesschool busesschools
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Lands which are sought to be condemned for water stations, dams, or reservoirs, including all the overflowed lands, if any, shall, if requested by the owner, be set aside in a square or rectangular shape by the department of transportation or district...
Tagged topics: damsrailroadswater
Where a lien is claimed upon a railway, the subcontractor shall have ninety days from the last day of the month in which such labor was done or material furnished within which to file the claim therefor.
Tagged topics: railroads
An employer shall not knowingly allow, require, permit, or authorize a driver to operate a commercial motor vehicle in violation of section 321.341 or 321.343 or any other federal or local law or regulation pertaining to railroad grade crossings. ...
Tagged topics: railroad crossingsrailroads
Sections 492.1 through 492.3 shall not apply to railway or quasi-public corporations organized before October 1, 1897.
Tagged topics: railroads
Any person who shall take possession or control of any railroad vehicle, or any self-propelled vehicle, aircraft, or motor boat, the property of another, without the consent of the owner of such, but without the intent to permanently deprive the owner...
A school board, individual, or organization shall not purchase, construct, or contract for use, to transport pupils to or from school, any school bus which does not comply with the minimum requirements of section 321.373 and any individual, or any m...
Tagged topics: busesschool busesschools
Every railroad company which owns or claims real estate in this state, granted by the government of the United States or this state to aid in the construction of its railroad, where it has not already done so, shall place on file and cause to be recor...
Tagged topics: railroads
It shall be the duty of all peace officers and of the state patrol to enforce the provisions of sections 321.372 through 321.379 .
Tagged topics: busesschool busesschools