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The office shall establish IowAccess as a service to the citizens of this state that is the gateway for one-stop electronic access to government information and transactions, whether federal, state, or local. Except as provided in this section, IowA...
Tagged topics: iowaccess
Moneys paid to a participating agency from persons who complete an electronic financial transaction with the agency by accessing IowAccess shall be transferred to the treasurer of state for deposit in the general fund of the state, unless the disposit...
Tagged topics: iowaccess
An IowAccess revolving fund is created in the state treasury. The revolving fund shall be administered by the office and shall consist of moneys collected by the office as fees, moneys appropriated by the general assembly, and any other moneys obtaine...
Tagged topics: iowaccess
A rebuttable presumption exists that official juvenile court records in delinquency proceedings that do not involve an allegation of delinquency that would be a forcible felony offense if committed by an adult shall remain confidential as provided by ...
A person who, having no right or authority to do so, makes or alters any public document, or any instrument which purports to be a public document, or who possesses a seal or any counterfeit seal of the state or of any of its subdivisions, or of any o...
Tagged topics: falsificationpublic records
A public officer or employee who, by reason of the officer’s or employee’s employment, has access to any public record, or to any file, dossier, or accumulation of information of any kind, and who gives or transfers to any person, in exchange for anyt...
Tagged topics: public records
“Library materials” include books, plates, pictures, photographs, engravings, paintings, drawings, maps, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, broadsides, manuscripts, documents, letters, public records, microforms, sound recordings, audiovisual material...
Tagged topics: librariesmuseumspublic records