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Honey creek resort state park is established to provide important recreational and economic benefits to the state. Competitive bid laws, including hearings in connection with contracts, shall not apply to either the department’s or its agents’ contrac...
Tagged topics: honey creek state park
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The board of directors of a school corporation in which there is no free public library may contract with a free public library for the free use of the library by the residents of the school district, and pay the library the amount agreed upon for the...
Local authorities may by general rule, ordinance, or regulation exclude vehicles from any cemetery or ground used for the burial of the dead, or exclude vehicles used solely or principally for commercial purposes, from any park or part of a park syste...
Tagged topics: cemeteriesparks
An enrich Iowa program is established in the division to provide direct state assistance to public libraries, to support the open access and access plus programs, to provide public libraries with an incentive to improve library services that are in co...
The compact administrator and the chief executive of a county, city, or library board may enter into agreements with other states or their political subdivisions pursuant to the compact. The agreements made pursuant to this compact on behalf of the st...
Civil townships are hereby authorized and empowered to receive by gift, devise, or bequest, money or property for the purpose of establishing and maintaining libraries, township halls, cemeteries, or for any other public purpose. All such gifts, devis...
Tagged topics: cemeteriesdonationslegacieslibraries
The fact that a person has concealed library materials or equipment as defined in section 702.22 or unpurchased property of a store or other mercantile establishment, either on the premises or outside the premises, is material evidence of intent to ...
Tagged topics: librariesmuseums
Upon issuance of a state publication in any format, a state agency shall provide the division with an electronic version of the publication at no cost to the division.
A lake Manawa state park user fee pilot program is established within the department. Notwithstanding section 461A.35A, the department shall develop and administer the pilot program at lake Manawa state park as follows: The department shall charge a...
Tagged topics: lake manawa state park
The division of library services is attached to the department of education for administrative purposes. The state librarian shall be responsible for the division’s budgeting and related management functions in accordance with section 256.52, subsect...
Rules Implementing Statutes: