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In all instances where a county treasurer heretofore conducted a tax sale at the time provided in section 7259, Code 1935, or section 7262, Code 1935, sales made at such tax sale or any adjournment thereof shall not be held invalid by reason of th...
Tagged topics: tax sales
The council may provide by ordinance: That a person shall not be permitted to pay taxes of any one year until the taxes for the previous years are first paid. That the receipt contemplated in section 420.235 shall be conclusive evidence that all tax...
The clerk shall publish notice of the date, time, and place of the hearing once each week for two consecutive weeks in the manner provided by section 362.3, the first publication of which shall be not less than ten days before the date of the hearin...
Tagged topics: special assessments
Section 446.25 is made applicable to cities acting under special charters.
If any amount assessed against property under section 364.12 will exceed five hundred dollars, a city may permit the assessment to be paid in up to ten annual installments, in the same manner and with the same interest rates provided for assessments...
Tagged topics: special assessments
Except as otherwise provided by state law, county revenues for secondary road services shall be credited to the secondary road fund, including the following: Transfers from the general fund not to exceed in any year the dollar equivalent of a tax of s...
That in all instances where tax deeds have been issued by county treasurers in the absence of the report and entry required by section 7283, Code 1939, or corresponding sections of earlier Codes relating to collection of costs of serving notices, such...
Tagged topics: tax sales
Upon completion of the plat, the council shall determine the valuation of each lot within the proposed assessment district and shall report the valuations to the engineer, who shall show such valuations on the schedule before it is filed with the cler...
Tagged topics: special assessments
In the making of assessments for paving streets, avenues or public places along or upon which a track of a railway or street railway company is located, the engineer shall make an estimate of the cost of building the improvement, and an estimate of th...
Tagged topics: special assessments
A city may include underground gas, water, heating, sewer, or electrical connections to the street or property line for private property as a part of the public improvement, or a city may order the property owner to make, repair, or relocate such conn...
Tagged topics: special assessments