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At the time of the return of jurisdiction over lands occupied by the veterans administration hospital located in Knoxville, Marion county, Iowa, and the Keokuk National Cemetery at Keokuk located in Lee county, Iowa, by the administrator of veterans a...
There shall be elected at each general election, on a nonpartisan basis, the following officers: County public hospital trustees as required by section 347.25. Soil and water conservation district commissioners as required by section 161A.5. Count...
An affidavit, executed by an attorney in fact or agent, setting forth that the attorney or agent has not or had not, at the time of doing any act pursuant to the power of attorney, received actual knowledge or actual notice of the revocation or termin...
Tagged topics: power of attorney
Sections 29A.74 and 29A.75 of this chapter shall not operate to alter, invalidate, or in any manner affect any express provision for revocation or termination contained in any power of attorney.
Tagged topics: power of attorney
The adjutant general shall develop a plan within the Iowa national guard for an emergency helicopter ambulance service to transport persons who require emergency medical treatment or require emergency transfer between hospitals and to transport emerge...
Tagged topics: aircraftambulances
A state agency or a political subdivision of this state operating a hospital or medical facility may contract with the United States department of veterans affairs to receive and to provide medical services to patients who are the responsibility of a ...
Tagged topics: hospitals
Upon the filing of a claim for compensation for death from an occupational disease where an autopsy is necessary in order to accurately and scientifically ascertain and determine the cause of death, such autopsy shall be ordered by the workers’ compen...
Tagged topics: autopsies
The director of the academy, subject to the approval of the council, in consultation with the Iowa state sheriffs’ and deputies’ association, the Iowa police executive forum, the Iowa peace officers association, the Iowa state police association, the ...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
For the purposes of this section: “Blood” means whole blood, power red, platelets, or plasma. “Bone marrow” means the soft tissue that fills human bone cavities. “Living organ” means one of two kidneys, one of two lobes of a liver, a lung or part...
A shelter assistance fund is created as a revolving fund in the state treasury under the control of the authority consisting of any moneys appropriated by the general assembly and received under section 428A.8 for costs of operations of shelters for...
Rules Implementing Statutes: