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Whenever a committee of either house, or a joint committee of both, is conducting an investigation requiring the personal attendance of witnesses, any person may be compelled to appear before such committee as a witness by serving an order upon the pe...
Tagged topics: subpoenaswitnesses
Witnesses called by a standing or joint committee shall be entitled to the same compensation for attendance under section 2.23 as before the district court but shall not have the right to demand payment of their fees in advance.
Tagged topics: witnesses
If the treasurer of state or any county treasurer, personally or through another, discounts the director of the department of administrative services’ or auditor’s warrants, either directly or indirectly, the treasurer shall be guilty of a serious mis...
Tagged topics: warrants
The department of justice shall compile an annual report relating to the victim assistance grant programs administered under section 13.31, subsections 1, 3, 4, and 6, which shall include all of the following: A mission statement and table of organi...
All warrants shall be drawn to the order of the person entitled to payment or compensation, except that when goods or materials are purchased in foreign countries, warrants may be drawn upon the treasurer of state, payable to the bearer for the net am...
In no case shall warrants be drawn in the name of the certifying office, department, board, or institution, or in the name of an employee, except for personal service rendered or expense incurred by the employee, unless express statutory authority exi...
On the last business day of each month, the director shall cancel and request the treasurer of state to stop payment on all state warrants which have been outstanding and unredeemed by the treasurer of state for six months or longer.
A claim shall not be allowed when the claim will exceed the amount specifically appropriated for the claim.
Before a warrant or its equivalent is issued for a claim payable from the state treasury, the department shall file an itemized voucher showing in detail the items of service, expense, item furnished, or contract for which payment is sought. However, ...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
A warrant shall bear on its face the signature of the director or its facsimile, or the signature of an assistant or its facsimile in case of a vacancy in the office of the director; a proper number, date, amount, and name of payee; a reference to the...