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When real property or an interest therein is purchased or condemned for highway purposes and a fence or building is located on such property, the governmental agency shall be responsible for all costs incurred by the property owner in replacing or mov...
Tagged topics: highways
The governor, whenever the governor deems such action to be in the interest of the public, shall have power to direct the attorney general to appear for and on behalf of any county, city or other municipality of this state or for and on behalf of any ...
Individuals so designated shall have the full duties and rights of peace officers under the Code, for the purpose of enforcing the motor vehicle laws and ordinances of this state, and shall be provided with an identifying badge and card.
The governor, in exercising the power conferred by sections 7.10 and 7.11, may designate one employee or officer of the state to supervise all persons designated as peace officers hereunder, and they shall be fully responsible to that employee or ...
Whenever the governor is satisfied that a state of emergency exists, or is likely to exist, on the public streets or highways of this state, because of violations of chapter 321, the governor shall designate any employee or employees of this state a...
The governor, in addition to other duties and responsibilities conferred by the Constitution and laws of this state, is hereby empowered to contract for the benefits available to this state under any Act of Congress for highway safety, law enforcement...
Tagged topics: federal fundshighwayssafety
The commission may purchase or condemn highways connecting parks with the public highways. When the highways have been purchased or condemned the same shall be public highways of this state and shall be maintained as other public highways of the county.
Tagged topics: eminent domainhighways
The owner of land may serve upon the railroad corporation a request in writing for more than one private crossing, or for an overhead or underground crossing, accompanied by a plat of the owner’s land designating the location and character of crossing...
A person, including a state agency or political subdivision of the state, who acquires a railroad right-of-way after July 1, 1979, for a purpose other than farming has all of the following responsibilities concerning that right-of-way: Construction, m...
Tagged topics: right-of-way
When the estimated total cost of a public improvement, other than improvements which may be paid for from the secondary road fund, exceeds the competitive bid threshold in section 26.3, or as established in section 314.1B, the board shall follow t...