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An intermediate care facility for persons with an intellectual disability, as defined in section 135C.1, shall be assessed an amount for the preceding calendar quarter, not to exceed six percent of the actual paid claims for the previous quarter. Th...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The term “severe disabilities” shall be interpreted for the purpose of this subchapter as referring to persons who meet both of the following requirements: Persons who are educable but have severe physical and educational disabilities as a result ...
Any hospital or health care facility which fails to file with the department the financial reports required by sections 135.74, 135.75, 135.76, and 135.78 is subject to a civil penalty of not to exceed five hundred dollars for each offense.
If a memorial building has been constructed for the purpose of a hospital pursuant to this chapter, additions for hospital purposes, and nursing homes to be operated in conjunction with the hospital may be erected or acquired by following the proced...
Tagged topics: nursing homes
Notwithstanding section 514C.6, a person who provides an individual or group policy of accident or health insurance or individual or group hospital or health care service contract issued pursuant to chapter 509, 509A, 514, or 514A or an indi...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
An insurer, a hospital service corporation, or a medical service corporation, which covers the costs of skilled nursing care under an individual or group policy of accident and health insurance regulated under chapter 509 or 514A, a nonprofit hosp...
Tagged topics: hospitalsnursing
Any purchase of materials, appliances, instruments, or supplies by the university of Iowa hospitals and clinics shall be made pursuant to open competitive quotations, and all contracts for such purchases shall be in compliance with purchasing policies...
Tagged topics: hospitals
Whenever a patient or person legally liable for the patient’s care at the university of Iowa hospitals and clinics has insurance, an estate, a right of action against others, or other assets, the university of Iowa hospitals and clinics, through the f...
Tagged topics: hospitals
The department shall from time to time undertake analyses and studies relating to hospital and health care facility costs and to the financial status of hospitals or health care facilities, or both, which are subject to the provisions of this subchap...
The practice of respiratory care may be performed in a hospital as defined in section 135B.1, subsection 3, and other settings where respiratory care is to be provided in accordance with a prescription of a licensed physician or surgeon or a qualifi...
Tagged topics: hospitals