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The United States of America may acquire by condemnation or otherwise for any of its uses or purposes any real estate in this state, and may exercise jurisdiction thereover but not to the extent of limiting the provisions of the laws of this state. Th...
Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the state of Iowa tenders to the United States any and all criminal jurisdiction which the state of Iowa has over criminal offenses committed by or against Indians on the Sac and Fox Indian s...
Each house has authority to punish for contempt, by fine or imprisonment or both, any person who commits any of the following offenses against its authority: Arresting a member, knowing the member to be such, in violation of the member’s privilege, or...
Tagged topics: contempt
Fines and imprisonment for contempt shall be only by virtue of an order of the proper house, entered on its journals, stating the grounds thereof.
Tagged topics: contempt
Fines for contempt shall be collected by a warrant, directed to any proper officer of any county in which the offender has property, and executed in the same manner as executions for fines issued from courts of record, and the proceeds paid into the s...
Tagged topics: contempt
Imprisonment for contempt shall not extend beyond the session at which it is ordered, and shall be in a facility designated by the presiding officer. Punishment for contempt shall not constitute a bar to any other proceeding, civil or criminal, for th...
Tagged topics: contempt
Whenever a committee of either house, or a joint committee of both, is conducting an investigation requiring the personal attendance of witnesses, any person may be compelled to appear before such committee as a witness by serving an order upon the pe...
Tagged topics: subpoenaswitnesses
Power is hereby conferred upon the Congress of the United States to pass such laws and to make or provide for the making of such rules, of both a civil and criminal nature, and provide punishment therefor, as in its judgment may be necessary for the a...
Tagged topics: criminal law
Imprisonment for contempt shall be effected by a warrant, under the hand of the presiding officer, for the time being, of the house ordering it, countersigned by the acting secretary or clerk, in the name of the state, and directed to the sheriff or j...
Tagged topics: contempt
Witnesses called by a standing or joint committee shall be entitled to the same compensation for attendance under section 2.23 as before the district court but shall not have the right to demand payment of their fees in advance.
Tagged topics: witnesses