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An address confidentiality program revolving fund is created in the state treasury. The fund shall consist of moneys collected by the clerk of the district court for deposit in the fund pursuant to section 602.8108, subsection 6, and transfers of in...
For the purposes of this section, “governmental entity” includes an administrative division within the department. The confidentiality of all information in the department produced or collected during or as a result of a hearing, appeal, investiga...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The auditor of state, when conducting any audit or examination required or permitted by this chapter, shall at all times have access to all information, records, instrumentalities, and properties used in the performance of the audited or examined en...
Tagged topics: confidentiality
Notwithstanding chapter 22, information received during the course of any audit or examination, including allegations of misconduct or noncompliance, and all audit or examination work papers shall be maintained as confidential. Information maintaine...
Tagged topics: confidentiality
Juvenile court social records shall be confidential. They shall not be inspected and their contents shall not be disclosed except as provided in this section or as authorized by other provisions in this chapter. Official juvenile court records in ...
Neither husband nor wife can be examined in any case as to any communication made by the one to the other while married, nor shall they, after the marriage relation ceases, be permitted to reveal in testimony any such communication made while the marr...
Tagged topics: confidentialitymarriage
With respect to communications involving tax advice between a taxpayer and a federally authorized tax practitioner, the same protections of confidentiality which apply to a communication between a taxpayer and an attorney shall also apply to that comm...
Tagged topics: confidentiality
A practicing attorney, counselor, physician, surgeon, physician assistant, advanced registered nurse practitioner, mental health professional, or the stenographer or confidential clerk of any such person, who obtains information by reason of the perso...
Rules Implementing Statutes: