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At the time of the return of jurisdiction over lands occupied by the veterans administration hospital located in Knoxville, Marion county, Iowa, and the Keokuk National Cemetery at Keokuk located in Lee county, Iowa, by the administrator of veterans a...
A member of the general assembly may elect to become a member of a state group insurance plan for employees of the state established under chapter 509A subject to the following conditions: The member shall be eligible for all state group insurance p...
When any city has voted at an election to purchase, establish, erect, maintain and operate heating plants, waterworks, gasworks or electric light or power plants, or when it has voted to contract an indebtedness and issue bonds for such purposes, and ...
Tagged topics: utilities
The governor, whenever the governor deems such action to be in the interest of the public, shall have power to direct the attorney general to appear for and on behalf of any county, city or other municipality of this state or for and on behalf of any ...
No lands actually platted, used, and devoted to cemetery purposes shall be taken for any railway purpose without the consent of the proper officers or owners thereof.
Tagged topics: cemeteriesrailroads
The state bond repayment fund is created. The fund shall be separate from the general fund of the state and the balance in the fund shall not be considered part of the balance of the general fund of the state. The moneys credited to the fund are not s...
Tagged topics: bonds
The director shall adopt rules establishing competitive bidding procedures. All equipment, supplies, or services procured by the department shall be purchased by a competitive bidding procedure as established by rule. However, the director may exempt ...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Disputes arising between the department of corrections and a purchasing department or agency over the procurement of products from Iowa state industries as described in section 904.808 shall be referred to the director. The decision of the director ...
Tagged topics: biddingpurchasingstate property
The department may designate goods and services of general use that agencies shall, and governmental subdivisions may, purchase pursuant to a master contract established by the department for that good or service. The department shall establish a mast...
Tagged topics: biddingpurchasingstate property
Notwithstanding any requirements under section 8A.315 related to the purchase of recycled paper to the contrary, the department may use certified chain-of-custody paper as provided in this section in lieu of recycled paper. The department shall ad...
Tagged topics: biddingpaperpurchasingstate property