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A settlor may maintain an action to enforce a charitable trust established by the settlor and may designate, either in the agreement establishing the trust or in a written statement signed by the settlor and delivered to the trustee, a person or perso...
Authorities in charge of an accredited nonpublic school may operate or contract for the operation of a child care program, as described in section 279.49. The provisions of section 279.49 as they relate to child care programs of a school corporati...
Tagged topics: child care
The taxes imposed under this subchapter, less the credits allowed under section 422.12, shall be reduced by a from farm to food donation tax credit as allowed under chapter 190B .
Tagged topics: income taxestax credits
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Fur dealers shall keep accurate, current records of their transactions. The records shall show the number and kinds of hides and skins which have been purchased, the date of purchase, and the name and address of the seller. Such records shall be open ...
Tagged topics: furshidesskins
In addition to any other surcharge, the court or clerk of the district court shall assess an agricultural theft surcharge equal to five hundred dollars, if an adjudication of guilt or a deferred judgment has been entered for a criminal violation invol...
The unit or standard measure of length and surface from which all other measures of extension shall be derived and ascertained, whether they be lineal, superficial, or solid, shall be the standard yard secured in accordance with the provisions of sec...
Tagged topics: yard (length)
Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter to the contrary, a person shall not be guilty of an offense under this chapter, including under section 124.401 or 124.410, for producing, possessing, using, harvesting, handling, manufacturing, ma...
Tagged topics: hemp
In all instances where a county treasurer heretofore conducted a tax sale at the time provided in section 7259, Code 1935, or section 7262, Code 1935, sales made at such tax sale or any adjournment thereof shall not be held invalid by reason of th...
Tagged topics: tax sales
A carrier that issues a bill of lading, whether negotiable or nonnegotiable, shall exercise the degree of care in relation to the goods which a reasonably careful person would exercise under similar circumstances. This subsection does not affect any...
The state, board of regents institutions, counties, townships, school districts, community colleges, cities, and other public entities, and every person acting as contracting agent for any such entity, shall, when issuing bonds or other obligations, m...