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The driver of an authorized emergency vehicle, when responding to an emergency call or when in the pursuit of an actual or suspected perpetrator of a felony or misdemeanor, or in response to an incident dangerous to the public, or when responding to b...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
A person riding an animal or driving an animal drawing a vehicle upon a roadway is subject to the provisions of this chapter applicable to the driver of a vehicle, except those provisions of this chapter which by their nature can have no applicati...
Tagged topics: animalsbicycling
Every bicycle shall be equipped with a lamp on the front exhibiting a white light, at the times specified in section 321.384, visible from a distance of at least three hundred feet to the front and with a lamp on the rear exhibiting a red light visi...
Tagged topics: bicyclinglampslightsreflectors
A bicycle shall not be equipped with and a person shall not use upon a bicycle any siren or whistle. This section shall not apply to bicycles ridden by peace officers in the line of duty.
A person operating a motor vehicle shall not steer the motor vehicle unreasonably close to or toward a person riding a bicycle on a highway, including the roadway or the shoulder adjacent to the roadway. A person shall not knowingly project any object...
Tagged topics: bicycling
The board may make necessary rules to provide for the policing, control, and regulation of traffic and parking of vehicles and bicycles on school grounds. The rules may provide for the use of institutional roads, driveways, and grounds; registration o...
Tagged topics: bicyclingmotor vehicles
The maximum speed limit of all vehicles on institutional roads at institutions under the control of the state board of regents shall be forty-five miles per hour. All driving shall be confined to driveways designated by the state board. Whenever the s...
The state board of regents may make such rules as it deems necessary and proper to provide for the policing, control, and regulation of traffic and parking of vehicles and bicycles on the property of any institution under its control. The rules may pr...
Rules Implementing Statutes: