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Any person may possess not more than two game birds or fur-bearing animals confined as pets without being required to purchase a license as a game breeder, but the person shall not be allowed to increase the person’s stock beyond the original number n...
Tagged topics: pets
A licensee under chapter 148, 148C, 152, 154B, 154C, or 154D whose assistance is requested by a patient or client seeking a finding that an assistance animal or service animal as defined in section 216.8B, subsection 1, is a reasonable a...
Tagged topics: assistive animals
“Livestock dealer, livestock market operator, or stockyard operator” means any person engaged in the business of buying for resale, or selling, or exchanging swine as a principal or agent, or one who claims to be so engaged, but does not include the ...
Iowa state university of science and technology shall prepare and submit reports as follows: The university shall submit an interim report to the general assembly each year on or before January 15, through January 15, 2013. The interim report shall do...
It is unlawful to use commercial gear in the taking of commercial fish, turtles, and mussels from the waters of the state, except as otherwise provided by statute or administrative rules of the commission.
Tagged topics: mussels
Rules Implementing Statutes:
All new weigh beams or dials on what is known as livestock scales used for determining the weight in buying or selling livestock shall be in not over five-pound graduations.
Tagged topics: animalslivestock
A person shall not engage in the business of leasing a breeding bull without having obtained a license issued by the department and registering each breeding bull with the department as provided in section 163.42. The license may be obtained upon co...
Tagged topics: bovine animals
The purpose of this section is to protect animal agricultural producers who manage their operations according to state and federal requirements from the costs of defending nuisance suits, which negatively impact upon Iowa’s competitive economic posi...
Section 1.4 shall apply to all lands acquired under sections 1.5 through 1.7 .
Tagged topics: birdsfishgame animalsrefugeswildlife
The state of Iowa hereby consents that the government of the United States may in any manner acquire in this state such areas of land or water or of land and water as said government may deem necessary for the establishment of the “Upper Mississippi ...