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The governor of this state is hereby authorized and requested to issue annually a proclamation designating the sixteenth day of October as Dr. Norman E. Borlaug World Food Prize Day and to encourage all governmental entities, civic organizations, scho...
This part shall be known and may be cited as the “Renewable Chemical Production Tax Credit Program” .
To be eligible to receive the renewable chemical production tax credit pursuant to the program, a business shall meet all of the following requirements: The business is physically located in this state. The business is operated for profit and under si...
An eligible business that produces a renewable chemical in this state from biomass feedstock during a calendar year may apply to the authority for the renewable chemical production tax credit provided in section 15.319. The app lication shall be mad...
Commencing with the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2009, there is annually appropriated from the general fund of the state to the authority one million dollars for the support of the world food prize award. The Iowa state capitol is designated as the p...
Tagged topics: world food prize
As used in this part, unless the context otherwise requires: “Biobased content percentage” means, with respect to any renewable chemical, the amount, expressed as a percentage, of renewable organic material present as determined by testing representa...
An eligible business that has entered into an agreement pursuant to section 15.318 may claim a tax credit in an amount equal to the product of five cents multiplied by the number of pounds of renewable chemicals produced in this state from biomass f...
For purposes of this section, “successful tax credit applicant” includes, with respect to each calendar year, an eligible business that was issued a tax credit for production of renewable chemicals during that calendar year, and an eligible busine...
The authority and the department of revenue shall each adopt rules as necessary for the implementation and administration of this part.
Section 15.315, 15.316, 15.317, 15.318, 15.319, 15.320, 15.321, and this section, are repealed July 1, 2030.