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HF 23 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to the eligibility of certain individuals employed by educational institutions for unemployment insurance benefits between two successive academic years or terms and including applicability provisions.
SF 31 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
establishing a limitation on the amount of administrative costs for school districts.
HF 196 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
striking certain statutory repeal provisions relating to the state sales and use tax and the secure an advanced vision for education fund.
HF 195 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
extending the period of time for collecting sales tax for deposit in the secure an advanced vision for education fund.
HF 268 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
requiring the department of management to establish and operate a searchable internet site containing budget, audit, and financial information of school districts.
HF 275 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
establishing appropriations to accounts within the early childhood Iowa fund.
HF 271 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to the calculation and use of certain school district and area education agency categorical funding supplements and including applicability provisions.
HF 307 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to public school funding by modifying provisions relating to the regular program state cost per pupil, making appropriations to the transportation equity fund, establishing transportation data review and reporting requirements, and including ...
SSB 1163 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
authorizing use of concurrent enrollment programs for teaching certain subjects required under the educational standards and making an appropriation to fund enrollment of pupils under concurrent enrollment program agreements between accredited nonpubl...
HF 403 (Introduced)
88th General Assembly
relating to the list of shared operational functions fo r which school districts and area education agencies may be eligible to receive supplementary weighting and including applicability provisions.