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HSB 42 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
requiring licensure rather than registration of architects practicing in this state.
HSB 44 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to the property assessment appeal board by striking the future repeal of provisions relating to the board, modifying procedures and requirements for appeals to the board, and including applicability provisions.
HSB 46 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to the definition of mobile home park and other related terms in the Iowa Code chapters concerning property tax on manufactured, modular, and mobile homes, residential landlord and tenant laws, and other laws related to manufactured, modular,...
HF 117 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to the property tax levy imposed by a county for flood and erosion control projects and including applicability provisions.
SF 148 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to developer fees for federal low-income housing credits.
Tagged topics: housingpovertytax creditstaxation
SF 152 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
providing a property assessment adjustment for certain property of persons who have attained the age of sixty-five, providing a penalty, and including retroactive and other applicability provisions.
HF 132 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
exempting from the sales tax certain items and services sold to a nonprofit human blood collection and processing establishment, including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.
HSB 60 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
related to city and county zoning by allowing for the creation and conveyance of development rights.
HSB 62 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to mechanics’ liens and public construction liens.
HSB 63 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to forcible entry and detainer actions, including granting concurrent jurisdiction to small claims courts over preliminary hearings for certain forcible entry and detainer actions.