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HF 102 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to the maximum gross weight permitted for motor vehicles transporting agricultural commodities.
HF 151 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to the local food and farm program fund, by making a name change and making an appropriation to the fund to support projects for the development or expansion of food hubs or farming innovation zones.
HF 324 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to registration requirements for certain all-terrain vehicles and off-road utility vehicles used as farm implements.
HSB 120 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
providing for the department of agriculture and land stewardship’s administration of certain functions, relating to forest and fruit tree reservation requirements, the name of the state soil conservation committee, financing of soil conservation and w...
SF 287 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
providing for the sale of unpasteurized or ungraded milk to final consumers.
SF 293 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
establishing a master matrix evaluation advisory committee, and including effective date provisions.
HSB 140 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
extending the beginning farmer tax credit program and appropriations used to support the program, including the agricultural assets transfer tax credit and the custom farming contract tax credit.
HSB 142 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to security interests in farm products, by establishing a central filing and notification system, providing for fees and their expenditure, and including contingent implementation provisions.
HSB 86 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
modifying licensing provisions applicable to electricians and electrical contractors.
SF 310 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
allowing certain milk and products using milk to be transferred directly by operators of dairy farms, and making penalties applicable.
Tagged topics: dairyingfoodfood safety