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SSB 1041 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to controlled substances, including amending certain controlled substances schedules and precursor substances reporting requirements, making penalties applicable, and including effective date provisions.
HSB 107 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to the charging procedure for scheduled violations for exceeding weight limits on an axle or vehicle.
SSB 1038 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
providing for the conduct of licensed veterinarians when involved in certain legal matters involving the alleged mistreatment of animals, including by providing for immunity from administrative, civil, or criminal liability when acting in good faith; ...
HSB 44 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to the manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance resulting in death and including information or evidence collected as a result of a drug-related overdose, and providing penalties.
HSB 6 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to the defenses of justification and diminished capacity for certain violent crimes.
HF 637 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to an application for a reprieve, pardon, commutation of sentence, remission of fines or forfeitures, or restoration of the rights of citizenship made to the board of parole.
SSB 1015 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to the state public defender pilot project for child welfare legal representation.
HF 646 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to sexual exploitation of a minor and providing penalties.
HF 379 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to school personnel training, emergency care planning, authorizations for assisting, and limitations of liability concerning students with epilepsy or a seizure disorder.
SF 50 (Introduced)
90th General Assembly
relating to requirements for filters on mobile devices activated in the state, providing for civil liability for manufacturers of mobile devices for certain violations, and including penalties.