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The law enforcement agency who has received any report required by this chapter and who has any reason to believe that the person injured was involved in the commission of any crime, either as perpetrator or victim, shall at once commence an investi...
IAC Rule 481.64.33
Iowa Administrative Code
Allegations of dependent adult abuse. Allegations of dependent adult abuse. Separation of accused abuser and victim.
Published: 06/16/2021
Tagged topics: adult abuse,  dependent adults,  victims
In addition to any other surcharge, the court shall assess a human trafficking victim surcharge of one thousand dollars if an adjudication of guilt or a deferred judgment has been entered for a criminal violation of section 725.1, subsection 2, or ...
Tagged topics: human traffickingvictims
An address confidentiality program revolving fund is created in the state treasury. The fund shall consist of moneys collected by the clerk of the district court for deposit in the fund pursuant to section 602.8108, subsection 6, and transfers of in...
A person licensed under the provisions of this subtitle who administers any treatment to any person suffering a gunshot or stab wound or other serious injury, as defined in section 702.18, which appears to have been received in connection with th...
The department of justice shall compile an annual report relating to the victim assistance grant programs administered under section 13.31, subsections 1, 3, 4, and 6, which shall include all of the following: A mission statement and table of organi...
IAC Rule 481.52.6
Iowa Administrative Code
Separation of victim and alleged abuser.
Published: 11/18/2009
Tagged topics: victims
If a peace officer has reason to believe that a sexual assault as defined in section 915.40 has occurred, the officer shall use all reasonable means to prevent further violence including but not limited to the following: If requested, remaining on t...
Tagged topics: victim rightsvictims
Notwithstanding any other law of this state, payments paid to and income from lost property of a victim of persecution for racial, ethnic, or religious reasons by Nazi Germany or any other Axis regime or as an heir of such victim which is exempt from ...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
Any person failing to make the report required herein shall be guilty of a simple misdemeanor.