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HSB 124 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
concerning matters relating to the transportation of railroad workers, and providing penalties.
HF 181 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to the construction and maintenance of walkways in rail yards, and providing a penalty.
SF 246 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to the operation of railroad trains by a crew of two or more persons, providing penalties, and including effective date provisions.
Tagged topics: railroadstransportation
SF 297 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
relating to railway company liability for accidents involving motor vehicles and trains.
SF 306 (Introduced)
87th General Assembly
increasing the penalty for motor vehicles that traverse certain railroad grade crossings against a gate or signal.
IAC Rule 661.226.7
Iowa Administrative Code
Use of railroad tank cars in stationary service.
Published: 11/17/2010
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 281.43.37
Iowa Administrative Code
Railroad crossings.
Published: 12/15/2010
Tagged topics:
ARC #2842C
Rule-Making Document (ARC)
Pursuant to the authority of Iowa Code sections 307.12 and 307A.2, the Iowa Department of Transportation, on November 16, 2016, adopted amendments to Chapter 821, “Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Surface Repair Fund,” Iowa Administrative Code. Not...
A litigation expense fund is created in the state treasury. The litigation expense fund shall be used for the payment of litigation expenses incurred by the state to defend property valuations established by the director of revenue pursuant to sectio...
No person shall operate or move any caterpillar tractor, steam shovel, derrick, roller, or any equipment or structure having a normal operating speed of six or less miles per hour or a vertical body or load clearance of less than nine inches above the...
Tagged topics: railroad crossingsrailroads