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IAC Rule 481.1.4
Iowa Administrative Code
Investigations division. Units of the division. Abuse coordinating unit. Audit unit. Economic fraud control bureau (EFCB). Medicaid fraud control unit (MFCU). Professional standards unit. Public assistance debt recovery unit (PADRU). Peace officer status
Published: 04/25/2018
IAC Rule 441.61.15
Iowa Administrative Code
Interpreters and translators for legal proceedings. Requests for interpretation or translation services. Method of interpretation. Qualifications and assignment of staff. Roles and responsibilities of interpreters and translators. Dismissal or dis...
Published: 03/14/2007
Tagged topics: interpreting,  translating
IAC Rule 441.61.5
Iowa Administrative Code
Services of the department available for refugees. Job development. Social adjustment. Health-related services. Resettlement services. Any additional service. Information and publication. Bilingual publication. Translation and interpretation servi...
Published: 03/14/2007
IAC Rule 441.98.101
Iowa Administrative Code
Referral for license sanction. Delinquent support payments. Subpoena or warrant.
Published: 11/07/2007
IAC Rule 875.160.4
Iowa Administrative Code
Interpreters. Interpreter available. Interpreters provided. Spanish-speaking interpreters. Interpreters for languages other than Spanish.
Published: 04/13/2016
Tagged topics: interpreting
ARC #4379C
Rule-Making Document (ARC)
The Real Estate Appraiser Examining Board hereby amends Chapter 1, “Organization and Administration,” Chapter 3, “General Provisions for Examinations,” Chapter 5, “Certified Residential Real Property Appraiser,” Chapter 6, “Certified General Real ...
ARC #4358C
Rule-Making Document (ARC)
The Dental Board hereby proposes to rescind Chapter 29, “Sedation and Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Analgesia,” and adopt a new Chapter 29, “Sedation and Nitrous Oxide,” Iowa Administrative Code. This rule making is proposed under the authority provide...
ARC #4339C
Rule-Making Document (ARC)
The Board of Medicine hereby adopts new Chapter 20, “Licensure of Genetic Counselors,” Iowa Administrative Code. This rule making is adopted under the authority provided in Iowa Code section 148H.6 and chapters 147, 148 and 272C. This rule making ...
ARC #4338C
Rule-Making Document (ARC)
The Board of Medicine hereby amends Chapter 11, “Continuing Education and Training Requirements,” Iowa Administrative Code. This rule making is adopted under the authority provided in Iowa Code chapter 272C and 2018 Iowa Acts, House File 2377. Thi...
ARC #4321C
Rule-Making Document (ARC)
The Board of Podiatry hereby amends Chapter 222, “Continuing Education for Podiatrists,” Chapter 223, “Practice of Podiatry,” and Chapter 224, “Discipline for Podiatrists, Orthotists, Prosthetists, and Pedorthists,” Iowa Administrative Code. This ...